Front Entry Doors Talladega AL

Front entry doors need to be tough enough to withstand wind, rain, scorching sun, and would-be intruders. They also need to be attractive and boost home curb appeal and perceived value.

JELD-WEN front doors offer stylish and customizable options that complement any home. They can even be paired with sidelites and transoms to let natural light stream in, while maintaining privacy.


Fiberglass front doors are a durable option for your home. They resist warping and dents better than wood or steel doors, and they can be repainted without worrying about rust or corrosion. They’re also energy-efficient, keeping the cold out and the air in.

They’re also safer than wooden or steel doors, as they’re less prone to break-ins. A solid fiberglass door can keep intruders out, and its thick frame makes it difficult to force entry.

The right front door is an important part of your curb appeal. It should complement your home’s design, add security and increase its value. You can find the perfect door for your home with a few key decisions: what color, style, and brand you want, and who to hire to install it. A good choice is Provia, which offers an extensive selection of doors with various levels of energy efficiency and durability. They also offer cut-out glass designs for a more modern look.


Wood front doors are a great choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their home’s curb appeal and value. Wood door designs can complement many architectural styles, from modern farmhouses to sprawling ranch homes. They are also very durable when compared to other door materials. When properly cared for, a wood front door can last decades with little maintenance required.

Cedar entry doors are a popular choice due to their pronounced grain and resiliency. They are naturally insect resistant and can be stained or painted to suit your style. Cherry doors are smooth and have a tight grain that accentuates any interior decor. They are a rich brown color that will darken with exposure to the sun.

Black doors are another option that add dramatic flair to your entryway. They can work well with light-colored homes and can also be complemented by sidelights or transoms.


Our aluminum entrance doors combine the perfect balance of aesthetics and durability. They are designed to accentuate any facade and exemplify modern design, incorporating clean lines and the latest security standards. These doors are available in an exclusive series according to the highest technical standards and, thanks to their insulated profiles and sealed glazing, offer excellent energy performance with high U-values. They can be custom made in any RAL color and finish to fit your personal style.


Steel doors offer exceptional durability and a sleek, clean look that boosts curb appeal season after season. They have low maintenance requirements and feature a rot-resistant frame that will not absorb moisture. They are also energy-efficient, with no glass and a tight seal, they maximize privacy and safety.

While they are a great choice for homes in the countryside, where wildlife is more likely to enter the home, they do not provide as much security as quality fiberglass or wood doors. Additionally, steel is not the best insulator and may cause your energy bill to skyrocket during winter.

Typically, steel front entry doors have either a polyurethane or polystyrene core with a steel skin over the top. This gives them a better R-value than solid steel doors but less insulation than fiberglass or wood doors.